Jan Stratmann

With details. On a mission. Let's Raise the bar.

Grew up near Essen as the oldest of 4 brothers, spent his childhood being outside but mostly playing football. Started his journey in Triathlon with the age of 16 to chase his dream: Winning the IRONMAN WORLD Championships on Hawaii 

Born and Raised in Niederwenigern, Germany

Jan grew up as the oldest of 4 brothers. Since he was able to walk, he played football in every free minute. Other than that, he was an active kid and tested a lot of different sports. After a ski crash back in 2011 he started swimming in his rehabilitation as well as cycling and running.

Coffee Lover & Self Called „Barista“

In terms of coffee there are maybe just a few triathletes out there who can compete with Jan's knowledge which led him into a special partnership with Italian Manufacturer Rocket Espresso. Not without reason people started to challenge themselves in the Latte Art game with the Stratmannscale.

5 Siblings

Having a big family behind me, gives me a lot of power. As the oldest, I try to be a role model for my younger brothers and sisters. I´m grateful to have my family backing me whenever I need them.

Masterstudent General Management

After finishing school in 2013, Jan started studying Sportsmanagement at the Ruhr- Universität Bochum. He got his Bachelor degree in 2017 and started his General Management Master at the International Hochschule Bad Honnef. Currently about to write his thesis...

Living in Hennef

Close to, the old German capital, Bonn with lot's of smaller hills and a nice training area around Jan found his safe heaven since 2020.

Professional Triathlete

Since 2019 Jan can say that he makes his passion to a living. Of course, like for every athlete the first years are challenging and especially with COVID we needed to rethink all aspects, but here he is!